Plaster and Lath Demolition-Crazy or Not? Why Did We Do This?

Our house is a 120 year old farm house, our first thought was to preserve rather than replace. Why did we choose to go down this path? Each situation is different but this is what lead us to this point.

  • The plaster had several problem areas and as we made our changes to the walls it was likely to get worse.
  • We have to replace all the systems: electric, HVAC, plumbing. These costs will be greatly reduced by opening up the walls.
  • Now that we’ve started to see what is behind the walls I don’t see how we could have come up with a long term plan for the house without this visibility.
  • To be sure this was an agonizing path- this removal is a lot of work and we lose something in the process. We’ll try to preserve doors, windows, trim and overall maintain the character of the house.

The process is a mess- we’ll try to provide guidance to anyone else going down this path.


The place to start for guidance is YouTube and the place to start on YouTube is HomeRenoVisionDIY. This isn’t the last word on every subject but it’s a good introduction to so many topics:






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