Why Move? Why Rennovate?

Our home renovation and garden project

We are moving to this farmhouse on Old Mission peninsula. It will require a huge amount of work- taxing our endurance and our finances. It is where we want to be. It is what we want to do with our lives. At this late stage in our lives it is crazy to attempt this- and we are only starting to gauge that. But each time we consider this step we come back to the happiness that comes from trying to do what seems really right for us. It is a chance for us to bring together all the things we’ve worked on: home renovation, gardening, art- and turn it into something that we can bequeath.

The House Renovation

This farmhouse was built in 1900 and lived in by one family. We need to renovate the mechanicals heat, electric, plumbing, insulation but want to preserve the characters. We want a house that the original owners would recognize. More restoration than remodeling. Staying true to a farm house style while also aiming for our MCM vision of simplicity.

The initial work will be walls and floors. We’ve simplified the floor plan and fixed a few of the odd changes added at a later date (bathroom placement). As much as possible the doors, trim, and flooring will be preserved. This will be our forever home.

The Garden

We’ve inherited this land- it is beautiful sandy loam, with mostly sun except for the front yard. This rock garden was one of the many gifts left by the previous owner. We want to preserve the old garden and create a naturalistic space with both beauty and a natural habitat.

We have a huge task in front of us. Five wonderful acres but so many invasives, so much that needs care. We are looking forward to seeing roses happy in the sandy loam in a way they never were in the clay of our last home. We’ll continue the vegetable garden and more, more to come.

Helen’s rock garden

Old Mission Peninsula

We love this place

Moving to this area has been a dream for the last few years and now it has happened. But the process has just started.