Backstory- Moving to a Beautiful Place

How did we get here?

We grew up in the Ypsilanti area and met in Ann Arbor. When we were first together we spent a lot of vacations (Spring break) in the Leelanau and Old Mission area. We’ve lived in NW Indiana at the base of Lake Michigan for about 30 years and in 2021 came back to the area on vacation. We were struck by the beauty of the place and the many interesting people we met here. That started us on the hunt to find a place here that often felt unattainable.

How we got exactly here:

In the new year, saddened by the death of our older dog and feeling like time was running short Pam extended our search to Old Mission, which we’d assumed was just not attainable. This property showed up, we talked to our realtor, I came up the next day and we made an offer the following day.

What does it mean?

We are trying to turn this house and property into what it was and what it can be.






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