A Concrete Surprise- How to Remove

Hidden behind the walls on the second floor, a four foot cube with walls made of four inches of concrete. It seems like this was a water chamber that provided pressure for the rest of the house. Perhaps pumped up with a windmill.

Deconstruction was really, really hard. The first couple of days with a heavy sledge did hardly anything. First I had to remove all the structures around it- it had to be easy to take a full swing. I tried a single hand heavy hammer but that was completely useless.

I found that attacking the edges, the corners, and any cracks that developed was the only way to make progress. And what a lot of work to clean up- concrete is much heavier than even plaster.

Even the big chunks had to be broken up so I could carry them out. The best way to break concrete is to make sure it is not fully supported. If you can support one side so the bottom is in the air it’s easy to break- if the base is fully supported it is so hard.






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